If all these items are not for sale, why introducing them?

These aren’t objects, jewelry or clothes that I present, but a paradigm. Collaboration has a cost (or not, depending) but there will be cooperation.


Could you make me a dress / mask / headdress… specifically?

It depends of what we can do. I tend to take artistic projects more seriously.


Could you make me something like this, like that, a mixture between Mr. X and Mrs. Y?

No, my world is to love or to leave. If I am offered an inspiring project, in which someone wishes to invest and to be invested, that could naturally be mixed with my world, I’ll be able to prepare a proposal. But I have the freedom to say no if I don’t feel comfortable about it.



Is it your job?

Absolutely not, I already have a full-time job. I’m hyperactive and obsessive. The combination blooming my own microcosm, led me to these forms of expression. Actually, I have no ambition about it, just giving WANDERLAND its financial self-sufficiency.


Would you spit fire for my birthday?

Would you enter a Company?

No way.


Who is Ed Gein?

Please don’t talk to me.

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